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Beachfront New Build Project

Colour consulting for commercial developers

(Al Fresco Lawn , Toronto)

Below is an interview with Darryl Jessop, the developer that brought Colourheory in on the project. This is our first project for Arimar Homes:

Colour Theory: “ What motivated you to hire a colour consultant?”
D.Jessop:  I knew that I didn't have the experience, ability or time needed to pull off a job of this magnitude.

Colour Theory: “ Did using our service meet your objective?”
D.Jessop:  Exceeded my expectations!!!!

Colour Theory:  “ What is the greatest benefit our service brought to your company?”
D.Jessop:  It was the ability to bring so many different materials together and create something that worked with the  beach area  and in the individual houses.

Colour Theory:  “ What could we do to improve the service?”
D.Jessop:   Your service was excellent . Keep up the good work.  Look forward to working with you on the next project

Colour Theory:  “ Any final comments you have about working with us?”
D. Jessop:     It was a real pleasure to work with such a knowledgeable professional.  Sylvia was not only able to handle the chaos of the construction site she was able to make sense of it.


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