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How do you update your 30 year old building to compete with all the new buildings being built around you?

Update your 30 year old building

Sometimes colour is all it takes. In this project the buildings were restored & completely covered with an elastomeric coating. We did a two-colour treatment with the overall colour being a warm neutral, but what really makes this project 'more than the sum of it's parts' is the treatment of the balconies in a dark grey.

Black accents such as lighting & street numbers make a connection to the black fencing that surrounds the complex. This is the final touch.

Colour by Colour Theory
Photos by 2kGrafx

Update your 30 year old building Update your 30 year old building Update your 30 year old building

Mall interior 2013 welcoming colours

Bringing a fresh , new look to this mall interior was a lot of fun for us here at Colour Theory. We created a graphic mural to incorporate a range of accent colours and give the main space a lift. This mural engages the shopper as it has movement all itís own.

The main colour, or background, brings warmth and sophistication to the overall look. To complete the project ,with the ceiling painted sprout green and the ductwork pale aqua, it lends a bit of fantasy to the experience of being in the space.

In retail itís very important to change and grow as trends do . This is an example of the simplest way to update a space

Burlington Supercentre Before Pana View Burlington Supercentre

Before - Burlington Supercentre After - Burlington Supercentre

Art Credit: Saven Design

Forest Laneway Exterior Colour Selection

Forest Laneway Exterior Colour SelectionConsulting with the structural engineer, property management & building owner  for the refurbishment of these three  (late 70’s) cast concrete high-rise structures. Professional colour consulting updated the facades.

Finishes included powder coat, membrane, glass / metal balcony feature, paint finishes & mechanical structures specifications.

Read more about the Forest Laneway Exterior Colour Selection

Colour Consultation for Commercial Development

“How do you use colour to blend into an established
   neighbourhood with a new development?

 This commercial development project required colour
consultation for all interior & exterior building materials.

Read more about colour consultation

Colour by Colour Theory
Photos by 2kGrafx

Sumach, Toronto

Sumack, Toronto

Reconstruction   by Upton Design Build
Colour by Colour Theory
Photos by 2kGrafx

This commercial space is very dynamic in it's message. The red accent wall reaches all the way to the third level of this repurposed Victorian structure, creating a strong statement & showcasing the sculptural staircase.


Casserlt Ross

Project  Toronto Bluffs mid century bungalow/ reconstruction/ resale
Design / build by Casserly-Ross
Colour by Colour Theory
Photos by 2kGrafx

This run down bungalow on the Scarborough bluffs was brought back to life by Casserly-Ross . To prepare it for resale they completely gutted & re-invented the interior, keeping the mid century character of the original home. We were brought in to help with colours & finishes. Over a period of a few months this home came alive, and creates an idyllic setting with a huge property overlooking Lake Ontario...complete with the occassional deer siting! Not surprising it sold quickly.......

Casserly Ross Casserly Ross Casserly Ross
Casserly Ross Casserly Ross

Modern Victorian

Modern Victorian Modern Victorian Reconstruction by Upton Design Build
Colour by Colour Theory
Photos by 2kGrafx

This exciting restoration / re-invention project was beautifully executed by Upton Design/Build. They brought us in on the project to create a unique colour palette for a modern take on an old home.



Prepared for resale, this mid century bungalow on toronto's waterfront is completely restored & gorgous in it's park like setting.

Reconstruction of Toronto Interior

Reconstruction of Toronto interior
Reconstruction / design by Casserly - Ross
Colour by Colour Theory
Photos by 2kGrafx

Reconstruction of Toronto interior Reconstruction of Toronto interior

Magic Moments Daycare Project

Magic Moments Daycare colour consulting project

Creating an institutional facility that welcomes it’s inhabitants (small children) & makes them feel at home. Colour & finishes helped to engineer the overall atmosphere that makes this project special.

Read more about the Magic Moments Daycare Project

The Whiteside Project

Exterior paint colour

New build construction:  A small bungalow on a desirable ‘Bluffs’ property & engineering it to create a  2400 sq/ft new build structure with style, colour & finishes in perfect harmony.

Read more about the Whiteside Project.


300 Eglinton Ave. E. TO - high rise exterior

2 Westney Rd. Ajax - high rise exterior

75 Emmett Ave. TO - high rise exterior

499 Timberlane Burlington - town house exterior

Miles Nadel Jewish Community Centre - interior

Ontario Construction Secretariat – interior

Swansea Town Hall - interior

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