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Forest Laneway -  Exterior Colour Selection

Commercial paint colour consulting project - Forest LanewayThis  project involved the refurbishment of a trio of 30 story apartment buildings built in the late 1970’s. The location is very high profile as it is on a main corner of north Toronto’s urban centre.

Our task was to select colour for the following:
- glass panels to replace original metal balcony railings.
- powder coated metal frames to support the glass panels.
- membrane to coat the balcony slabs.
- paint colour for all windows & metal panel siding & for ground level awning.
- colour selection for the mechanical penthouse.
- and finally, accent colour for the street numbers.

The glass we selected was a lightly tinted green to tie in with the powder coat  & paint colours. The membrane colour was chosen to blend in with the concrete siding for a more cohesive overall look. The mechanical penthouse tones in with the paint colour used for the metal siding, windows and awnings. The accent colour for the street number was chosen to give a unique touch to the finished product… a bit of sizzle.

Below is an interview with the engineer that brought Colour Theory in on the project. At this point in time we’ve been engaged for three projects from Paul DaCosta  and his firm  The SPG Engineering Group , Oakville, Ontario.

Colour Theory: “ What motivated you to hire a colour consultant?”
Paul DaCosta:  “ We recommended to our client that a colour specialist
                            should be hired due to the sheer size of the project, & it’s
                            key location on a significant downtown corner property.
                            It was very important to us to get it right the first time.”

Colour Theory: “ Did using our service meet your objective?”
Paul DaCosta:   “ Yes !!”

Colour Theory:  “ What is the greatest benefit our service brought to  
                               you & your client?”
Paul daCosta:    “ Successful project objective achievement. We were  
                            Looking for help to improve the look and that’s what we

Colour Theory:  “ What could we do to improve the service?”
Paul DaCosta:    “ Not much! … ‘personal touch’ service, meet with    
                             clients, present sample boards, discussing options made it     
                             a very smooth & positive experience.”

Colour Theory:  “ Any final comments you have about working with us?”
Paul DaCosta :   “ It has been a very positive experience working with you.
                             I really appreciate your prompt return phone calls & quick
                             turnaround with your deliverables.”

Colour Theory:  “The pleasure has  truly been ours Paul. Thank you.”

Note: The artist’s rendering of the final project was done by Brentwood Jolley, Toronto

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