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Where does Colour Fit in the Urban Landscape?

(colour & our cities… commercial recladding) 

          Colour selection is of key importance as one of the many design elements used in updating the building envelope in it’s public context. It’s psychological power seeps into our consciousness either quietly or not.

          On the topic of overcladding, which will increase the functionality (therefore the value) of existing high rise structures… colour helps redefine the ‘brand’ of the building in it’s setting.

          The human eye can perceive millions of  colours. Which ones are the right ones to:
                   - convey the building’s persona?
                   - benefit the landscape?
                   - contrast within the self contained colour story of the building?
                   - be relevant in the 21st C.?

          The numerous concrete slabs that have been present in this city’s consciousness for so many decades can be given personality and newness with colour in a new skin. Colour  manipulation at entry level can reflect a feeling of ‘home’ instead of ‘dwelling’.

          Thoughtful use of colour in the urban landscape can enhance and depict diversity in relation to the city. A group of identical buildings could achieve more autonomy by use of colour or colour contrast.

          The condo boom has refreshed interest in older condominium structures as well as the new. Overcladding and appropriate colour considerations can help attract the potential buyer in a competitive marketplace. Properly executed, the use of colour in overcladding the building envelope will serve the building for a long time to come.

Sylvia O’Brien,commercial colour specialist  & creative director, Colour Theory,
a Toronto based colour consulting firm

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