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About Colour Theory
Your Colour Consultant in Toronto

I’m Sylvia O’Brien, Principal and Creative Director of Colour Theory, affiliate member of ARIDO and colour consultant in Toronto, Canada. My clients are surprised at how little it costs to dramatically improve their homes and offices with the help of a colour consultant. I studied at the Nova Scotia College of Art & Design as well as Limperts Academy of Design in Ireland. I have over 30 years of experience in colour selection and design and know how to give your project the look you’ve been dreaming of.

From homeowners to businesses, Colour Theory creates custom colour palettes that will enhance your life and open your world to new exterior and interior painting ideas. We also collaborate with architects and interior designers on critical projects.

Colour Meanings - More Important Than Ever

While the art and science of colour meanings have been with us forever, people are just becoming aware of the emotional side of colour. For example, what moods are enhanced or suppressed by colour? Can a room be energizing, instill trust, help you sleep better - or even help adjust appetite levels? Exploring colour meanings and finding out how you react to colour emotionally are vital steps in our colour selection process. Once obtained, this allows us to create a life-enhancing colour experience just for you.

The Colour Theory Process

  1. We start with a questionnaire to determine your specific needs.

  2. Next we arrange a time convenient for you to meet in your home or office.

  3. We complete the Colour Theory Assessment system using our unique assessment tool.

  4. Colours are selected with your approval.

  5. Review of your personal & unique colour palette including a written or typed report with all the details for your painter or tradesperson to carry out your project.

Help With Exterior or Interior Painting Ideas

As your colour consultant in Toronto and the surrounding area, Colour Theory can also help you develop exterior or interior painting ideas. From taking the rustic edge off exposed concrete walls in a modern space to coordinating the colour schemes of a traditional home, we will create the perfect look, feel and mood. Too good to be true? See for yourself. View the portfolio section to see some samples of our creativity at work.

Contact us today for additional details and a quote for your next home or business project. Let Colour Theory create a custom colour solution just for you!


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