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What's in the News?

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What's in the News?

Colourful Union
- article published in the Toronto Star for condo paint colours. This is a one page PDF article that can be downloaded here - Toronto Star article on condo paint colours (1.1MB)

What Paint Colours are Right for you?
When is the last time you took stock of the colours that surround you? I mean the ones you have control the colour in your home! Whether it's for exterior paint colour or interior paint colour, choosing home colour is an important task. Of all the colours in a decorating scheme, paint colour has the strongest impact on our psyche. That's because colour at eye level (such as painted walls) have the strongest impact on our mental and physical being. Read more about What Paint Colours are right for you?

The Psychology of Colour - first printed in BusinessWoman Canada.
To increase goodwill as well as improve productivity, more and more "psychology-friendly" corporations are hiring Colour consultants to determine the most effective environment for their employees. Read more about The Psychology of Colour

The Home Office - Colour Matters - first printed in BusinessWoman Canada.
Between radical shifts in the structure of the workplace, and new small businesses emerging, the trend for home offices is growing. Whether it's to simplify life, enhance it, or get the next phase of it rolling, a home office makes a lot of sense. Read more about why Colour matters in your home office.

Chilly Basement? Raise the Temperature with Colour - first printed in The Griffiths Report
If you’re not using your basement much because it doesn’t feel warm and cozy, you’re not alone. In fact, the most common homeowner complaint about basements is they feel cool. Read more about How to Raise the Temperature of your Chilly Basement with Colour.

Compartmentalizing space - first printed in The Tucana Report
Open concept houses and lofts are continuing to gain in popularity. Many, however, find the absence of interior walls a challenge for interior decorating, particularly when it comes to defining each area's function. Read more about Compartmentalizing Space with the right colours.

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