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What's in the News?

"After" rendering for a Colour Theory Townhouse Project 2013.

Sample Illustration

What's in the News?

Sample comments from the clients who have used Colour Theory's services to enhance their homes or office.

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What's in the News?

How important is Colour for
Institutional Projects

For commercial & institutional projects, the question of colour is no less important than it is for the home. In many ways it is more important… As an architectural colour consulting company we had this question posed to us recently.

Colour in Building Envelope

An interview with Sylvia O’Brien discussing how Colour Theory’s colour consulting process works for commercial properties.

Colour in Urban Landscape

How can colour consulting benefit high rise structures in a cityscape?

Colour in Fenestratrion

About coloured glass in the building context... A bit of history - and a future to look forward to.


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