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Urban loft warmed up with soft-yellow green colour

05. Interior
An urban loft with exposed concrete ceilings is warmed up with a soft yellow-green on the walls.

Mid-20th century home - all exterior colours were changed for a dynamic look

06. Exterior
This mid-20th century home needed an update. We changed all exterior materials for a new dynamic look.

Exterior of home with new paint colours on walls and trim , new roof. (133,095 bytes)

07. Exterior
To update this charming house on the lake, we changed all exterior colours to taupes & green-greys that blend with the landscape.
The low contrast of the new colouration actually makes the home look larger.

Panoramic living/dining room

08. Panoramic living/dining room
Colour and design go hand-in-hand in this beautiful open concept space.

Panoramic bedroom

09. Panoramic bedroom
Rosy walls and touches of gold create a warm, rich environment in this luxurious bedroom.

Dining/living room

10. Interior: dining/living room
This contemporary space creates a statement with colour and neutrals in accord.

Exterior of home

11. Exterior
This grand home looked stark, so we enhanced it's character with warm green-based neutrals. The end result is dynamic in it's lovely setting.

Interior living room, bar room. (40,887 bytes)

12. Interior: living room
The neutral furnishings are offset with the colour of dried lavender on the walls here, to relate to the aubergine drapes and accent pieces.

Interior living room shot. (50,440 bytes)

13. Interior: living room
To open up this space we eliminated the rose tone on the walls and used a neutralized green with the paler cream shade on the panel molding. The soft tones in the green based neutrals were carried through the furnishings as well. The space feels much bigger and airier now in its green based and cream tones.

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