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Dining room. (76,249 bytes)

14. Interior: dining room
We warmed up this space with a creamy tone and accented the panel framing with a green based taupe, the opposite placement of the adjacent living room

Working studio concept. (39,238 bytes)

15. Interior
This unique coach house office, with its vaulted ceiling and skylights needed a colour with warmth but not too much energy. This soft, neutralized buttery yellow wraps the whole space, with a slightly lighter version on the ceiling.

16. Interior
A red corner in an otherwise classic home creates a bit of excitement, and a cozy spot for reading.

Exterior paint colour for home

17. Exterior
By changing the colour of the stucco and strapping on this stone and stucco home to a low contrast combination, we not only updated the look but created a more elegant overall appearance. Now this beautiful home blends more with its landscape.


18. Exterior
These before and after shots indicate that colour placement is also important.

19. Interior: bathroom
This very large bathroom is warmed up with a rich clay tone on the walls that is echoed in the decorative tiles around the bath, creating a very calm space.

Interior fireplace

20. Interior: fireplace living room detail
The sandalwood walls give a rich and comfortable feeling to the living room, and pick up on the pink marble around the fireplace.

Law office

21. Interior: law office
This conference room in a law office has an intimate feel with it’s tawny walls. This is good for concentration and focus where it is needed.

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